Claire Price was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1975. After studying a BFA at Canterbury University she embarked upon a career as a photographer shooting musicians and fashion in the late 90’s.

An impromptu audition for a record exec led to her first single and video release in 1999.

Invited to Paris by a French producer in 2000 she quit her native New Zealand to pursue music full time in France. An adventure that saw her climb her way up from singing in bars to singing at the mythic ‘Olympia’, her voice and songwriting has been featured on a variety of albums, movie soundtracks, and advertising. In 2010 her band Frank!!! signed a publishing deal with Universal France, subsequently releasing 2 EPs.

Supporting her music and painting with photography work, she has shot numerous album covers for notable French musicians, as well as shooting fashion campaigns and commissioned portraits for magazines. Over a 6 year period she split her time between Paris and London shooting e-commerce for leading online retailers.

Her photographic work has appeared in Vogue, Rolling Stone, Grazia, Elle, Libération, Madame Figaro, Oyster, among others.
After living in Paris for 15 years, her goal of becoming a full time painter coincided with her move to Brooklyn NY in early 2016 with her husband and young son.

A solo show at Ora Gallery in New York in March 2016 lead to several more group shows throughout 2016/2017 at the same gallery
She maintains a studio in Bed Stuy Brooklyn.


I am concerned with the preservation of the natural world and I find myself seeking to create a utopia in my painting in the hopes of capturing something I fear will soon be lost; memories, youth, nature, species, cultures, customs.

Working often from vintage photographs my work is anchored in the figurative, yet my lust for a spontaneous application of paint dares me to make space for the ‘hazard’, the unforeseen, and the subconscious to peek through.

Driven by a deep sense of idealism and a classical notion of beauty I seek to create work that will impress with its formal values and fascinate and enchant with its uniquely personal interpretation.

My representation of women speaks to my own inner world and points to the universe within. Children and animals, (often deer and birds) represent the innocence of natural things faced with mans greed and disregard for nature.

Uprooted from my homeland and living as a stranger in a foreign land for almost two decades I am subconsciously exploring my own identity as a woman and as a New Zealander, via my adopted cultures of France and America.

I chase an element of mystery, something spooky or mystical to pay homage to the great Spirit the gives life to all that we are.

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