Born in Paris in 1964, where she lives and works, and is known for her fantastic animal paintings.

Her artistic sensibility has always made her appreciate the inherent beauty of the mystery, and after graduating from Sorbonne University and Fine Arts School in Paris, she first initiated painting restoration to understand all the secrets of paintings.
Rich in experience, she decided in 2006 to devote herself entirely to her own painting and exhibiting her work.

Through the aesthetic dimension of her portraits paintings, she tells a story of wildlife and human crossing, while dealing with the contemporary problem of the disappearance of species on a planet in flux. 

This is how she displays her favorite animals in urban context as well in desolated   landscapes in a critical and poetic way, creating a surrealistic, yet figurative interaction between animal and human worlds. 


Sometimes, she plays with anthropomorphism and merge human and animal with further from reality results, offering a parallel reality with no benchmarks where nature's codes are changed.  As a matter of fact, she makes sure that the end result is a natural as possible, that one could say things are fine at the first viewing but pose questions later.


On her canvases, don't expect to see realistic visions of the world, you won't find them ! In fact, Corine is one of the creators who studies reality to better take it over and completely re-define it.


Stylistically inspired by Old Masters, she paints in oil, on panel or linen. Daily, she uses a technique which consists in the over-laying of very thin transparent layers of paint and varnish. This lends vibrant color and a unique light which simply cannot be obtained otherwise, reminiscence of the Renaissance period while being firmly in Contemporary Art. 


She had her first solo show in France with Galerie Montmartre in Paris in 2011 and she regularly exhibits her artwork through many galleries in Europa, Australia, Asia, and USA.

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