Van Driel’s style has a strong sense of beauty. The concept and staging of his photographs are born of a genuine interest in understanding the norms and values held by ancient and current society. His talent for rediscovering the world through detailed planning, research and rare capture of natural light has attracted a wide audience. His passion for investigating historical artifacts and his love of nature shines through in his work. Van Driel explains “I go out to harvest, to hunt, to fish and to collect organic and artificial objects. Friends and businesses lend me their most precious items. Once I have found what I am looking for, I search for a location. Only then comes the composition, precision to the millimeter”. The final touch to his work is to incorporate his holistic view on life and society. 


His collection is diverse starting with his successful debut series “Dutch Delight” in 2007 followed by new series such as “Poetic Stills” and “Our Daily Bread”. The body of works for the series “Our Daily Bread” explores the notions of the 17th century art, embedding significant details of the objects in its setting forming an interesting story line. 


The story behind the images is of special importance for Van Driel. He shows great respect for the eatable specimens used and all have held a purpose and have been enjoyed on his plate afterwards, concluding the circle of life. His success derives from extremely thought-out pursuit of the most suitable objects that create the depth and complexity of the circle of life and his Dutch heritage. 


Van Driel’s work has been shown at European Art Fairs such as TEFAF Maastricht, PAN Amsterdam and RealisMe. Institutions and private international collectors are some of his buyers. All prints are individually signed and numbered.

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