Heri Purwanto


Heri Purwanto was born in 1975 in Banyumas, Indonesia. He is a Fine Art graduate from Indonesia Arts Institute, Yogyakarta in 2004.


His work reflects how he feels about the complexities and problems of life expressed through the symbolic form of a house. His house is a “little world” - a place of refuge, where different kinds of socialisation amongst its occupants take place. They are communication, experiences, aspirations and hopes.


His current work is concerned with issues of global warming. The idealised landscapes show a barren waste that can no longer support life. The question being asked is “when the earth is dead - shall we live in the clouds?


Apart from the ecological issues being presented and his feelings about life's difficulties, Heri’s work is very attractive with its use of bright pastels and iconic objects. The old galleon, the flying grand piano permit the viewer to introduce their own meaning. This makes his work very approachable and easy to live with.


At exhibitions around South East Asia, Heri’s work is finding its way into private collections in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.


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