Ivy uses traditional materials in non-traditional ways. These days, Ivy’s primary source of inspiration is the relationship people have with their childhood inanimate furry family member (or as Ivy has termed them “IFFM”). She is studying the intense bond between humans and their inanimate loved ones. Ivy is working on projects that include large-scale installations, as well as others that are of a smaller scale. Yet, each of them expresses Ivy’s captivation with raw human emotion and how simple objects, such as an “IFFM”, evoke a myriad of reactions. You will find in her works examples of the struggles between: Childhood vs. Adulthood, Hurting vs. Healing, among others. 100% of the “IFFM’s” Ivy uses for her art have been donated in the hopes that they will get a fresh start, a chance to impact someone….and be reinvented as a “special one”. Ultimately, every one of us even an “IFFM” wants to belong to somebody. No “IFFM’s” were hurt in the making of this art.

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