My abstract paintings flow from a cumulative understanding of the encounters of life.  I value a daily practice of documentation from which emerges both intimate exploratory pieces and open works. Materiality is fundamental to my practice.  I am a voracious collector of natural objects.  These objects act as conduits to deeper reflections that inform my painting or sometimes may become materials in themselves.  Reading poetry informs my practice, as does a physical engagement with the landscape. These can evoke memories and interpretations, which can be expressed through colour and form.  I prefer to work with automatic drawing although figuration is sometimes present.  I have practiced calligraphy since childhood and calligraphic forms sometimes emerge in my work. I believe it is vital for my practice to comprehend the historical paths leading to the present moment in which I practice. 

Jo Nolan grew up on the North Coast of Australia in a home where painting, music and poetry were a part of the daily routine.  As a child she regularly enjoyed a plein air painting and making with her family.  Beyond school, her initial practice was as a lawyer.  However, maturation has led her back to her fundamental practice.  Jo now lives in Castlecrag where she is intimately connected with the bushland and the historically significant architecture of Burley Griffin.   Jo has been studying pure abstraction, art history and art historical techniques with Charlie Sheard.  She is completing a Master of Art at the University of New South Wales.  Jo is currently working with watercolour, oil, acrylic and encaustics.  

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