This new series of work centres around a drama in the dead of night, lonely wet and a sense of menace.

The perfect ingredient for Film noir, a subject which I’ve reconnected with after working in the film industry for many years.

They are a single frame, an emotion captured in a split second making the invisible, visible.

Whats the story behind them? I’ll let you the audience work on that and fill in the blanks.


2018 The Gallery Peregian Beach

2017 Art Images Gallery Adelaide

2016 Gallery-one Gold Coast

2016 Birds Gallery - Melbourne 

2015 Gallery- one Gold Coast

2015 Unplugged Byron Bay

2015 Gallery -one Gold Coast

2014 Gallery -one , Gold Coast

2013 Sheriton Hotel, Gold Coast

2013 Gallery-one, Gold Coast

2013 OnStone Gallery, Sth Melbourne

2012 OnStone Gallery, Sth Melbourne

2011 Green-Wood Gallery, Melbourne

2011 Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra

2010 Soho Gallery, Sydney

2009 Green-Wood Gallery Melbourne

2008 Green-Wood Gallery Melbourne

2007 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2006 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2005 Frankston Arts Centre, Melbourne

2004 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2001 Mansour Hill Gallery,Melbourne

2000 Sui Generis Gallery, Melbourne



2018 Bloosm and Bloom Melbourne

2018 Art Images Gallery Adelaide 

2016 Art images Gallery Adelaide 

2015 Boom Gallery Melbourne

2014 Gallery De Novo, New Zealand

2013 Gallery De Novo, New Zealand

2010 Maritime Art Award, Melbourne

2010 Soho Art Gallery, Sydney

2008 Maritime Art Award, Melbourne

2008 Singapore Art Fair, Singapore

2008 Paintbox Fine Art, Canberra

2007 Green-Wood Gallery, Melbourne

2005 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2004 Jackman Gallery, Melbourne

2002 George White Gallery, Melbourne

1999 Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne



2008 Winner ANL Maritime Art Award

1999 Whyalla Peoples Choice Award



Whyalla City Council, Whyalla Sth Australia

ANL Head office, Melbourne



House and Garden 2013 magazine. IKEA magazine international

Film and TV: Secret Life of Us, Tangle, Offspring, Conspiracy 365

Shine, My year without sex  BAM magazine



Australia, Singapore,United Kingdom, Italy , New York, New Zealand.

Canada USA

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