Julie Paterson


Artist, designer of textiles, writer. Julie has been doing all of this since she was able to hold a pencil back in the early 1970's in Somerset, England. Born with a keen sense of adventure and blind optimism, armed only with her tertiary qualifications, a portfolio of textile designs and a pocket full of change she left England for Australia in her 20's and has never looked back.


Resilience, fortitude and an eye for opportunity enabled her to set up her fabric company Cloth, designing and screen-printing fabric for interiors at a time when no one else was and this set up the course of her life for the next 20 years.


Her love of the Australian landscape combined with old school, short batch production 

methods and natural materials formed the cornerstones of the business from the beginning. Working with the same local craftspeople for the past 20 years Julie believes it is the strength of these relationships and the clarity of her vision that that has kept her company strong.


She has a habit of documenting the things around her in daily life. From the local landscapes in her neighbourhood to collections of bottles and bowls used at home, these everyday images are a constant source of inspiration. Over time they become paintings that then start the process of designing new collections of textiles.


She seeks out a balanced life but doesn't always get one. Most of the time in the mountains and the rest in the city she works on new designs, commissions and art projects that have taken her around the world and back again. But she always prefers it if she can be left alone up in her shed making things.


Julie has recently written her first book, ClothBound. It is the story about what she has learned these past 20 years and how she has learnt it. Stories about the creative processes she puts into practice on a daily basis and how these practices form the rhythm of her life.

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